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Katie M – Member, Collingwood Y

Katie M – Member, Collingwood Y


The Collingwood YMCA is a very special place to my family and I.  We have been members for a few years and utilize the many activities and services that it offers.

The YMCA Strong Kids Campaign has directly affected my family. Before the birth of our second daughter, my husband and I realized that we would not be able to afford a Y membership during my maternity leave, which was truly disappointing. I was informed by Jamie that the Y offers subsidies for families just like ours.  I was over the moon to say the least.

My daughter Genevieve LOVES the Y and all the Y kids programs that are offered. She meets new friends, learns new skills and participates in a lot of physical activities. I get asked regularly “Mommy, can we go to the Y today?” I think that is pretty special.

The Y has affected me in a profound way. I suffered from Postpartum Depression after Genevieve was born. Therefore, when we found out we were pregnant with Everly, my mood was at the front of my mind (and continues to be). The Y has given me such a positive outlet. Not only from a physical aspect, but social as well. I am in a much better place emotionally and physically.

We were so grateful to the Y for assisting us during my maternity leave that once I returned to work we decided we should return this act of kindness and help another Y family out for Christmas.  Genevieve helped to pick out toys, wrapped them and then helped me deliver them to the Y.  We truly appreciated the Y staff for selecting a family that needed a little help and delivering the presents.  It helped reinforce what the season was all about.

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