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Evan S – Camp Kitchi

Evan S – Camp Kitchi


The best part about children experiencing Kitchi is that they each do it in their own special way. My first experience with Kitchi was at age 2 for family camp during the final week of summer. I cannot remember much of my time at that age, but I do know that growing up with Kitchi from near-birth has influenced me in such a positive way, it’s incredible how great an effect Kitchi has on anyone who goes there.

My experience with Kitchi changed in a big way when I started my first year as a summer camper. I was too scared to go the year before but after much encouragement from my brother, sister, mother, and father, who have all experienced Kitchi in their own way, I decided to take the leap. What is amazing about Kitchi is that although this was my first time attending camp without my parents, I never felt alone. Both my siblings were staff at the time and wonderful connections can be made almost instantly with your fellow cabin-mates.

Becoming a counsellor at Kitchi was not only an incredibly rewarding experience, but also a dream of mine since as long as I can remember being at camp. Something I noticed about myself and others as I grew through camp is that no matter if you are staff, camper, or even just visiting for the day, you can look around at anyone and realize that they love camp just as much as you do. When you are around great people who are there to bring out positive change in themselves and others, there is simply no better place to be.

Anyone and everyone should have the opportunity to experience the best week, two weeks, or month of their lives. I certainly know that those were some of the best times in my life. Kitchi is an amazing place, it’s a safe place to learn, laugh, and play, so everyone should get the chance to go.

Thanks for reading

-Evan Sullivan

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