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As an Instructor in the Learning and Basic Skills program of the YMCA, I provide academic support to adults, many of whom would like to obtain their grade 12 equivalency. My role as an instructor often goes beyond teaching reading, writing or mathematical skills. It can include referrals to mental health, family services, crisis intervention, and other agencies within the community. All these elements work together to help the individual overcome life-long barriers, that have held them back from moving forward toward academic success.
One of my students “Jim”, experienced many failures in school and dropped out by grade 10. His inability to find sustainable employment led to addictions and unstable living conditions. Jim had dreams of a better future for himself and his family. One year ago, he walked into the YMCA to inquire about the LBS program, a step that took tremendous courage!
Jim is currently working toward obtaining his grade 12 equivalency through online studies. He recently earned 100% on an assignment, a mark he never believed possible. The success he has achieved, has given Jim a new confidence. He faces other obstacles with determination, and is overcoming them as well.

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