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Jesse R – YMCA Lifeguard

Jesse R – YMCA Lifeguard

I started swimming at the Y when I was 10 years old”
When my family moved to Wasaga Beach from Alberta, one of the first things my parents did was enroll my brothers and I in swimming lessons at the YMCA. I swam every Saturday morning, progressing through each Star level, then completed Masters/Star 7.

One summer, my mom convinced me to volunteer at the pool. I instantly found that I really enjoyed interacting with the kids in the classes, and helping them develop their swimming skills. The staff on the pool deck encouraged me to take the next steps towards becoming a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor. That year, I participated in the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses, and completed my NLS by the end of the summer. I was hired to start the next week!

Today I’m a lifeguard and swim instructor with the Wasaga Beach Y, and I plan to remain involved in Aquatics for a long time. I continue to develop my skills and further my knowledge, and am now certified as a Lifesaving Instructor and Examiner, First Aid Instructor and Examiner, and Lifeguard Instructor.

Working at the Y in aquatics is one of the best things to have happened in my life. I get to do something I enjoy everyday in an environment that is extremely encouraging and supportive. I also get to help others work towards their goal of becoming a lifeguard.

Jesse Ramson
Pool Deck Supervisor, Wasaga Beach YMCA

Click here for more information regarding Aquatics Certification at the Y.

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