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Suzy N – Staff & Donor

Suzy N – Staff & Donor

What the YMCA Family Campaign Means to Me

I work for the Y and I donate to the Y.  I believe in what we do with donations.  To know that my donation helps children, youth and adults directly in my community brings joy to my heart.  During these periods when people are unable to find work, I can be thankful that I work for such a wonderful organization, and I choose to give back to help others who are not so fortunate.

With our Family Campaign, we, as staff at the YMCA, take the time to ask one another to donate.  A donation of $5 per pay to our YMCA Family Campaign helps a child enjoy camp for week, or may help a youth meet friends when working out the gym, or help an adult learn English.  The money also helps people in Sierra Leone, Africa to overcome their struggles, most recently with the Ebola outbreak.  I say it is easy to give $5 per week, – just give up one beverage from Tim’s each week, or give up one take-out meal in a two-week period,  to help someone change their life.

I have supported the YMCA Family Campaign this year by making a donation and also, by asking co-workers to give.  In these meetings, I’ve been sharing my own Y story:  Years ago my family received financial assistance so that my girls could attend residential camp, during a time of hardships.  I am so grateful for the YMCA, and during my 15 year career, the YMCA has become my second family, which is why the Family Campaign means so much to me.   I have made  donations to the YMCA for over 15 years, and will continue to give for the rest of my life.

We can all give a little, to change a life.  We all must remember “you must be the change, you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandi).

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