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Jojo E – Gravenhurst Y

Jojo E – Gravenhurst Y

What led to volunteering at My Y

I became interested in volunteering at the Y almost from the onset of our Gravenhurst Y opening it’s doors. What a wonderful feeling to come into an accepting non judgmental atmosphere. When first approached to volunteer I was extremely apprehensive. I had just found my little piece of paradise/mental break home. Having participated in so many classes,  many of which were run by volunteers, I came to realize I should really “Pay it forward”. The encouragement I received (without pressure) allowed me to reflect on the positive energy that was within me and just needed to be brought out carefully. Wishing to emulate a positive role model, such as Marilyn, told me to begin this journey…no matter how terrifying!!

A quote I often refer to goes as follows:

There are only 2 mistakes along the way…Not going all the way or never getting started.

Hence the journey to apprentice began.

My aquafit certification course had me in knots days before the course was to begin. Many years since I’ve had to sit still, look organized, intelligent, ready to answer questions, sharpen my pencil (did I even remember to bring one??!!!). All for not. Hugely fun, informative day with tools in my bags, ready to learn more. As I began apprenticing on deck my “coach/mentor” was kind, supportive and ready to jump in if my head, literally, went below water line. As the weeks went by I slowly realized it was OK to make blunders and could actually help connect with the members.

As I have been volunteering for close to a year now I can tell you from my experience, the Gravenhurst members are both kind, supportive, and appreciative of the time I take to spend with them. Little do they know I’m getting as much or more from the interaction than they are. What a wonderful journey.

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