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Sarah M – Orillia Y

Sarah M – Orillia Y

My name is Sarah Miller.  As a co-op student at the Orillia YMCA, I have met so many inspiring members. Below is the story of one member and their journey… let’s call her Jane Doe.

Overall I am a happy, confident person, however I was limited physically. The things I had trouble with were little everyday things:
• walking up the stairs winded me
• I was tired and low energy
• I was stagnant, not learning anything, in a job that is honorable but not what I want.
• I suffered chronic back pain
• I ate a lot of junk food; McD’s and Pizza were on the menu more than 1x a wk!
• I didn’t eat very many vegetables
• I was obsessed with chocolate; I could eat 3-5 chocolate bars in one sitting!

Coming to the Y was part of my journey to get healthy and active. I decided on my birthday that I was going to learn how to hula hoop. Setting a small goal like that and keeping to it has created a force to set more and more goals for myself. Coming to the Y is a part of my development and self-discovery journey. There are several other factors that contributed to me choosing the Y including:
• Wanting to look young, exercise and healthy diet contribute to healthy youthful skin
• Learning new things
• Healthier lifestyle for family
• Cost effective
• Helps with healthy eating, after working out for an hour I am less inclined to eat a fatty burger
• I want to contribute to my community, I want to be a part of the Y movement
• It is a great environment for kids, I hope they are involved in the Y kids Leadership programs someday

The Y has impacted my life in many ways. I am excited in the ways that I can continue to grow with the Y, personally and professionally. Most notably:
• I am now at a weight that I have not seen in over 11 years
• I am now in a pant size that I have not seen in over 11 years
• I look younger than I did 11 years ago; I have pictures to prove it!
• I am more flexible than I was in my 20’s
• People notice the positive changes in me
• I have a vibrancy, excitement and zest for life
• I am better able to cope with stress, the Y is my home away from home
• I have been able to expand my experience, friendships and professional opportunities

When I first started attending the Y, I was on financial assistance. Without the support of the Y, its programs and supporters LIKE YOU I would not be where I am today. I am happy for the opportunity to continue to grow.
I now am a placement student at the Y, I am happy to volunteer my time while also learning and developing professionally so that I can to be of benefit to my community.

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