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Louise C. – Barrie YMCA

Louise C. – Barrie YMCA

A 2009 Christmas photo was a shocker…and the beginning of my weight loss journey. I weighed 256 lbs. By August of 2010, I had lost 54 lbs. My husband made me some Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton CDs and I started walking an hour a day.

In October I joined the YMCA in Welland. It became my own little world. I would leave home by 9:30 am for the 35 minute drive and return home around 4:00 pm. I worked up to 8K a day, did an aquafit class and a series of machines. Many days I was known to do a morning and afternoon aquafit class. By February of 2011 I had lost 100 lbs. I brought in some food and celebrated in the change room with my aquafit friends one day after class. I loved my “Y”. In our circuit, I made use of the walking tracks at both the St. Catharines and Niagara Falls facilities when we were shopping in the area. In the fall of 2011 and 2012 I walked 10K for our local hospital. I am still a supporter of Strong Kids in Welland.

We moved to Barrie in August of 2013 and in December I joined the Barrie YMCA. I have gained some of my weight back and am now walking that weight loss journey again this time with Teresa Zacharias. At 69 years old, I am walking 3 miles, lifting 30,000 lbs. in my 9 stations, loving aquafit classes and occasionally having a little steam left for the treadmill. I am amazed at what I can do. Five days a week the Barrie Y is my second home… I’m a gym rat.

The staff and all the facilities have been an amazing positive experience in my life. In the show, CI Criminal Intent, the detective said his most important investigative tool was his library card. The most important card in my wallet is my “Y” pass. I love that this little card will allow me to use a “Y” facility wherever I find myself. My grandson played hockey Saturdays and Sundays at Innisfil and Nana walked the track above the rink watching the game as I walked.

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