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Judith E.

Judith E.

Chapter 1, Jan 2013 – “Have I told you lately that I love you?”

My husband and I joined the Y on Dec 1, 2012 for the first time in our lives. My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and because of this he suffered severe nerve damage to his whole right side. He had several falls; CCAC recommended Aqua Fit.

I was diagnosed with severe arthritis on the right side and my medical team recommended physio, meds and a possible hip replacement. I joined Aqua Fit and Gentle Yoga. I have had a session with a Wellness coach and am on my way.

My husband loves the Aqua Fit and the warm therapy pool and steam room. I love the swimming, Aqua Fit and other parts of the facility. Both of us have seen a huge improvement in our flexibility, strength, endurance and general well-being. We both can walk again without a big limp.

We thank all the fabulous staff, both front desk and on deck. Everyone is so cheerful, professional, courteous and fun. The place is always clean, well-stocked and welcoming.

We are both so fortunate to be members.

Chapter 2, spring 2013 – “It must be spring!”

It must be spring! The creative juices are flowing like the sap from trees. Every Aqua Fit class lately has been a delight. We feel like kindergarten children playing with the various toys….sometimes looking like survivors from the Titanic, sometimes disco dancers or boxing trainees. We look forward to each instructor to what fun things we will tackle.

The Aqua Fit classes at the Gravenhurst YMCA are definitely like “a different box of chocolates”. No day is the same or without flavor

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