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Kyle-Youth Services

Kyle-Youth Services

I don’t have one specific memorable moment to recount.  I don’t have a spectacular tale to tell of the Y’s life changing habits.  It’s not gripping nor enthralling.  It may be boring.  Sorry, I work 9 to 5 now.

Instead the Y has affected me throughout my life.  The Y has shaped who I am by giving me many opportunities.  More importantly, the Y has shown me and helped me become a better person.

I have been going to YMCA Geneva Park since I was two.  I love Geneva Park. It is my second home and where I feel the happiest.

Growing up and working at Geneva Park I learnt many skills.  After reflection, however, Geneva Park, through staff and cottagers, has taught me something more valuable: how to live honestly, responsibly, respectfully, inclusively and caringly.  GPers and staff live and breathe the Y values at Geneva Park.  This is what makes it special and foster positive growth.

One time when I was a kid I was biking down a hill at GP towards the shire (the little people’s playground).  Like all kids at GP I was rushing off to a crucial meeting.  While biking I was holding a moon goggle bracelet and some other stuff.  Suddenly for no apparent reason I lost control of my bike.  I wiped out onto the gravel.
Everyone knows it wouldn’t be a good summer without a rad injury. And mine had finally arrived!  Nonetheless, I lay there crying in disbelief – bad bike and moon goggle bracelets!  How could you do this to me?

Well like every little kid I idolized the older kids.  At that time they seemed like giants and inexplicably cool.  I still can’t figure out why there was so many giant James Deans and James Franco’s at GP?

Scott along with some of the older James Deans picked me up and carried me to the nurse’s hut.  In their presence I forgot about my gravel covered blood soaked knee.  The nurse patched me up while they waited.  The rest is history or my slightly exaggerated story.

This is my unique story filled with Giant James Deans, but it’s not at all unique to GP.  Every GPer can attest to a time when either as a kid, their kid or someone else’s kid was helped by a fellow GPer, foreign or friendly.  It seems there are infinite GP tales of people coming to a child’s rescue – without blinking an eye.

To me this story represents a part of what makes the YMCA (particularly GP!) special.  GP brings the best out of people.  The Y reminds us to be engaged in our community and to help others.  It brings people together and forms a community identity.  It reminds us to be caring, honest, respectful, responsible and inclusive.  These values are practiced with people.  By believing and living them we reach our full potential each day, and help others do the same. Through helping others, like a child in need, we feel happier.

This was my story I hope it wasn’t boring.  You boldly continued despite my warnings.  The Y has impacted my life and many others’, and it continues to do so.  But, we need your help to make a positive impact in our community.  We strongly appreciate whatever you can give, a monthly or one time donation.  Your donation will help a child, youth or family participate in one of the Y’s many programs.  Give them a chance to reach their full potential.  Help me reach my goal of $250.
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