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Allyson Goodman – Youth Leader

Allyson Goodman – Youth Leader

We all arrived on Beausoleil island; an awkward group of teenagers with a long month ahead of us. We were all nervous. We were all anxious. We were all unsure. But then, it began; the best month of my life. I met 33 new faces and instantly clicked with everyone. As the month progressed, I got to know my new friends even more as we ate, learned and did various activities together. My doubt at the beginning was quickly melting away. Our Out trip happened right at the beginning of the second week. By the end of the week, I could see that I was seeing the true character of people and how people pushed through tough situations. Now, sitting here about to go home, I realize that not only have I got to know people but I have learned how to relate and understand people when we are all in the same situation. I have also realized something else; camp Kitchi isn’t necessarily the place, it is how people are when they are here. This has molded me as a person and I can’t imagine having not have had this experience. Camp Kitchi is the place where you leave your house to come home.

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