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Lindsay Desroches – Youth Leader

Lindsay Desroches – Youth Leader

Since I was little, my favourite part of camp has been out trip. As intermediates, we went on 1 night canoe trips and as seniors it was 2 nights. On out trips I learned how to create a fire and cook meals on it, set up tents, navigate using compasses and maps, and one of my favourites is learning how to canoe. This year, for leadership 1 out-trip, we went on a 4 night trip in Temagami. It was the hardest, most fun, best thing I have ever experienced. We had to do 5 portages, one being 1.2 km and called “The Death March”. We had to set up tents in the rain. We canoed all day from one campsite, to our portages, to the next campsite. We kept paddling no matter what weather. I realized this year, in Temagami, why canoeing and portaging the canoes is my favourite part of out-trip. It’s because while your arms get sore from paddling and you get bruises  on your neck from carrying them over long steep hills, your with amazing people getting to know them in ways you couldn’t anywhere else. I like to call them “Canoe Chats”. After out-trip, everyone is closer. Without those “Canoe chats” my Kitchi friends wouldn’t be the same. These bonds that happened in my canoes are bonds that will last forever.

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