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Lauren Kostank, Heather Sharlend – Youth Leaders

Lauren Kostank, Heather Sharlend – Youth Leaders

Leadership to us goes beyond friendships we’ll only have at camp. From our one-month experience at Kitichi, our understanding of the program grew from base learning to strong friendships. From leadership’s reputation over the past few years, our month here has exceeded expectations. From morning dip to closing, there’s no other group of people I’d rather be with. Our group has endured so many challenges together, from completing 1.2 Km portages, to choosing a song for closing campfire. There’s so much more meaning when developing leadership skills when you have your family encouraging you to keep a smile on your face. The things we have achieved together has brought us so much closer than we ever could have imagined. As we hear the end of our last leg of the race we look back at our first rope bracelet that we each have on our wrists, and smile at all the memories that lay underneath them- Kitchi sands will always be on our feet.

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