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Pat M – Barrie YMCA

Pat M – Barrie YMCA

I first joined the Y back in 1970 when my parents enrolled myself and my 4 siblings into swimming lessons. I got to Star 6 I think it was. I have loved swimming ever since. My family left Barrie in 1974 and never did get into the Y in the Ottawa area. I moved back to Barrie in 1986 and after a few years and two babies later, my husband and I enrolled our two girls into swimming lessons. They spent a few years with the Y however have since moved on to other activities. In 2004 my place of work (Canadian Forces Recruiting Center Barrie) gave me a membership to the Y so that I could keep fit. I utilized the weight room and cardio room mostly at this time. I then changed jobs in 2010 and had to leave the Y again. I late 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and after months of treatments, was ready to recover. A friend offered me a coupon for a free month to the Y in August 2012. I enjoyed it so much that I got myself a membership and I utilized the pool for lane swimming for the next year or so. I now have full range of motion with my arm, thanks in great part to being able to swim. I continue to utilize the Y facility for all kinds of classes. I’ve met some great people and am hoping that all this activity will help to keep the cancer away. This is my Y story!!

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