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Stormy – Barrie YMCA

Stormy – Barrie YMCA

Hi all! I’m Stormy and I’ll share a bit about my great experiences at the “Y”. I’ve been a member for approximately 6 years. Thanks to the assistance program I was able to become a member. Even when I moved out of Barrie or didn’t always have money for the extras, I never let my membership go—even if I had to put off coming because of whatever reason.

I find coming to the Y is a great stress reducer. I really enjoy taking the fitness classes. I find the teachers so good it makes you forget you are exercising (well mostly). The teachers really know their stuff. All the volunteers inspire me to give more of myself.

Until recently I would come do the classes and keep to myself but lately, thanks to the Survivor game, I’ve actually been meeting new people. This may start new friendships since we already have getting healthy and being active in common. So I say thanks soooo much to all the fantastic volunteers and staff.

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