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Larry – Collingwood Y

Larry – Collingwood Y

It was Friday afternoon June 12th that I arrived home after a vigorous work-out at the Collingwood YMCA.  I had advanced upwards in weight categories and was happy with my growth.  And as they say in the commercials, most heart attacks do not come with warnings.  Within an hour of arriving home I suffered the onslaught of a massive heart attack.  Unknowingly, a blockage that had been advancing for years had finally reached the point where blood to my heart was severely restricted resulting in a heart attack.  I should mention, this heart attack is likely genetic/hereditary in nature, both my parents had incurred this disease. The difference was my recovery.

…and after two high speed ambulance rides, angioplasty and an operation implanting a stent *….

On July 15th, and I was back at the ‘Y’ and doing fine; and a lot of my incredible speedy recovery has to do with the ‘Y’.

Due to my health and physical condition prior to the heart attack, my recovery was quick and easy.  The doctor’s advice…concluded after the 30 day rest period and after he viewed the results from my stress test was to go back to doing the exact things I had been doing prior to the heart attack.

As Labour Day approaches and I get ready to head off to the gym today, I am pleased that the weight categories are back up, actually slightly higher than prior levels. I have also added a little more cardio.  According to the cardiologist, being fit was the most powerful tool in my recovery—and to that end I owe a debt of gratitude to the facility in Collingwood and to you and all the staff.

Thanks and see you in the gym.


 * and a very special thanks to the fast acting, marvelous and knowledgeable EMS, nurses, doctors,  and staff of The Collingwood General and Marine Hospital


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