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Elise O’Grady – Youth Leader

Elise O’Grady – Youth Leader

After 8 years at YMCA Camp Kitchikewana, I sink my toes into the warm sand again. I feel the rhythmic beat of the waves splashing up my legs. The smell of camp alone brings fond, heartfelt and funny memories to mind. In previous years at camp, my experiences have been nothing but positive. Knowing I am back here, my second home, I will make the best of this treasured leadership experience.

During the four short weeks I have had the opportunity to experience, I have learned, made friendships that will never escape me and I have grown. I will be leaving camp with skills such as canoeing, swimming and tower jumping that may be useful in the near future. I have also learned to respect my peers and be kind to everyone. Those skills I will cherish and teach. Over the course of the month, I have gotten closer with my friends, facilitators and teachers. It feels as if I have become part of a family with the people I have grown close with. I have grown as a person by being a part of moments that have changed me for the better. Matured me. I have learned how to treat people with respect and dignity.

Camp has become a part of me that I will never forget. I will cherish the memories and skills I have acquired here and hopefully send the fourth generation of O’gradys and MacLeods to YMCA Camp Kitchikewana.

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