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Jacqui D – Barrie YMCA

Jacqui D – Barrie YMCA

I decided that it was time in my life to really “find my body” and place some fitness goals in my life style agenda. I turned 50 years old a couple years ago and decided it was truly time to try my best to “become my best”. I have worked out many years  doing the same things over and over again—running, elliptical, same old weight routine, and stationary bike. It was now time to experiment to see how far I could gently push my body to get stronger, toned, feeling better about myself, clear my mind and finally address internal anxiety and constant thinking.

This lead me to Personal Training at the YMCA. After two years, of twice a week, with a personal trainer standing beside me and coaching me according to my personal physical abilities, weaknesses, feelings, thoughts and fears, I was able to attain my goals. I feel better physically and emotionally. In the training I also discovered that my mind became clearer and the anxiety started to leave me. The training has left me with new ideas of how to better approach working out and become more present with my body, emotions and mind. I laugh with my trainer, Teresa Zacharias, as I try my best and  look forward to the next session. I leave feeling tired, refreshed and ready to face the day ahead and not to mention sleep better.

Jacqui Derbecker

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