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Allyson Eastmure – Youth Leader

Allyson Eastmure – Youth Leader

Friendship, Laughter and memories is what my month at YMCA camp Kitchikewana has been filled with. As the month ends, I hate to leave, but I will leave as a leader. Camp being my favourite place to be, will always have a special place in my heart. Since I was only 6 years old as a water bug, the memories that I have made here are unforgettable. Swimming at the main docks, sailing in Kitchi bay, and holding hands with Kitchi friends at the camp fire will always be my most cherished memories. Over this month I have grown as not only a leader, but as a person through various team work, relationship and leadership activities. The skills I have learned here will stay with me forever as will the friends I have made. Walking up the ramp on the first day of camp to be greeted by Kitchi friends brings back a feeling of extreme happiness.

The Out trip to Temagami has shown me that anyone can do anything they set their mind to as I portaged a canoe alone- something I never thought I could do.

As I leave this month, I hate to say good bye, but I look forward to seeing lifelong Kitchi friends and experiencing it all again next year. In conclusion there is no place I would rather be-than here at Kitchi.

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