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Camille – Youth Advisory Committee

Camille – Youth Advisory Committee

The YMCA has given me so many opportunities and activities that helped me throughout my high school years. During my first year a as member I spent most of my time up in the exercise room and the gym. All this time spent playing sports with friends and exercising really helped me with feeling more confident about myself. Later that year, I signed up to one of the greatest decisions of my life, and that is leadership. The leadership program gave me the opportunity to meet so many great people and befriend them. This program is also really special to me because I was able to embark on a journey to Montreal with the youth advisory exchange program. Because of those trips and camps with my leadership group, I find myself more curious about travelling and helping others. The next thing I ended up doing at my YMCA is to help them with their youth programs by volunteering. All the volunteering has helped me discover that I’m good with children because they behave with me and always have fun. ┬áLast October I found out that my YMCA was offering a first aid and life-guarding class in a ┬ábundle. I didn’t take this opportunity for granted and I joined. I have now acquired my bronze medallion, bronze cross, first aid and I’m now a national lifeguard. This class made me happy because it has given me a job opportunity now and for the future. The next and final experience that I took with the YMCA so far is joining the Youth Advisory Council. The council and I are going to Sierra Leone to learn about the culture and also help the community. I’m so grateful to be a part of the YMCA and I’m excited to see where it brings me next year.

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