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Brandon M. -Youth Advisory Committee

Brandon M. -Youth Advisory Committee

I have been with the Y since last year and although it has only been a short time, I have learned a lot. i am involved in the Y Leadership Program through the Y. Every Monday we meet and take part in activities and discussions that build on our leadership skills. I also participated in an exchange with a Y in B.C. this year which was amazing. The kids from B.C. came here for a week in march and we went there fora  week in May. To me, the Y is friendship and honesty. Through the programs that I participated in,I made many new friends and learned a lot about myself. I used to be a very shy person but through the Y I have become more comfortable with myself as well as with talking to other people. I am travelling to Sierra Leone in order to help people who are in need as well as to try and have them teach me how to live in a  more happy, peaceful and less materialistic way. With my experiences, I hope to change my way of living to become more involved with my community as well as to help people who are in need. My Y helped me to overcome my fear of talking to people and become more comfortable with myself.

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