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Eric J. – Innisfil YMCA Volunteer

Eric J. – Innisfil YMCA Volunteer

When I was young, the YMCA was a place we went to swim a few times with school, I remember thinking it was a great place to have fun.  My Y is a much different place for me now.  My family and I have been members since the Innisfil Y opened in 2008.  I decided to try a group cycle class and before I knew it I had become a Volunteer Group Cycle instructor.

I found the YMCA is true to their Mission and Values, when I was facing challenges and changes in my life, My Y became a new outlet for me.  With schedules, deadlines and expectations coming from all areas of life I became extremely burnt out.  Resources were provided for me by my doctor and work and through it all I was able to keep going to the Y without interruption.

The YMCA was and is a place where I can smile, a true smile.  I never missed leading a cycle class, no matter how bad I was feeling on the inside, the moment I walked through these doors I was greeted with smiles from everyone.  My cycle participants became my Y family and I left feeling happy each and every time.  My Y did more me than they will ever know, I have worked through my stresses and life is back on track and the Y continues to be a place I enjoy and feel I belong.

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