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Darryl H.

Darryl H.

My Y story is about one of my clients at the Gravenhurst YMCA. To start, this Y person came from Sarnia, Ontario where he used to attend a local gym. However, while he was at the gym there, he told me that he was bullied off of the gym equipment by the bigger guys. This resulted in him becoming very withdrawn. He moved to Gravenhurst, started a new job at the local LCBO and decided to have a look at the Gravenhurst Y and what we had to offer. I sat with him in his Wellness 1 appointment and this is when he told me of his past gym experiences. I told him that it was the opposite here and that the people and staff here at the Gravenhurst Y are really nice. From there I set him up on a program.

I saw him a month later and he was smiling from ear to ear. He said that his fitness has changed for the better, his confidence has built and that the staff and people at the Gravenhurst Y are amazing. Well done Gevsy!

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