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Nadiya came to Canada a few years ago. She married a Canadian. She attended the English classes with YMCA Newcomer Services and made some friends. Later her and a friend started to attend the Barrie YMCA and have become quite experienced in yoga and fitness. Nadiya goes to yoga classes and enjoys the dry sauna. Those two are her passion.

She sponsored her son, and he joined her in Canada a couple of years ago. Nadiya brought him to YMCA Newcomer Services literally off the plane. She knew he needed to learn English and connect with new people in the area. Her son Egor was studying mining back in Russia. His dream was to continue mining in Canada. After a year of studies and lots of efforts, Egor got employment with a company in Alberta. He is currently successfully employed.

As to Nadiya, she is a great tailor. She makes beautiful things, and most recently has been employed by a bridal store in Barrie where she always has work. She’s made other things and her work shows real talent to sewing and alterations.

We are happy that Nadiya found herself in Canada, that her son improved his language skills and was able to pursue his dream. And as for yoga, keep up, Nadiya!

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