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Andi L.

Andi L.

When I first went to the YMCA, my counsellor brought me.  I was terrified of people and groups and noises etc as I have severe PTSD.  I am currently on ODSP.  Being on social assistance and knowing that my healing process included exposure to people in a safe environment, and that my body needed to be healthy in order for my mind to get better as well, I was giving the opportunity to afford the facilities at a cost that would allow me access, unlike other fitness places.

The YMCA is so much more than a fitness facility.  They look at the human side of fitness.  Those who cannot afford, who have special needs, who need guidance they gladly provide whatever they can (and they can do alot).  The staff is ALWAYS friendly and helpful and I can’t tell you how it feels like ‘home’ away from home there.

I now can work in the gym area, swim, and go most places in the facility on my own as they allowed my trauma worker to help me integrate amongst a busy environment.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate, in this world at times that seems at times so cold and uncaring, the feeling of kindness, compassion and consideration that never seems to waver at the YMCA.

I have been to some other YMCA locations but the staff at those locations DOES NOT COMPARE with the staff at this location.

Ryan, the manager, is always approachable, and has an amazing mixture of compassion and professionalism that I rarely see these days.  It is reflected in his staff who are always happy, helpful etc.

It is a beautiful place to go.  I highly recommend that if you want to support an organization that is dedicated to those who are healing or teaching children social skills etc, that you choose this one.

I give this location and organization 10 stars out of 5 stars.

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