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Britta M – Camp Kitchi

Britta M – Camp Kitchi

Like you, I care about our community and wish for everyone – especially children, teens and young adults to reach their full potential. This fall I returned to Kitchi sands with my husband and sons- Matthew and Andrew- both now seasoned Kitchi campers- for the 95th Anniversary Celebrations. I walked into the bustling dininghall mid-lunch and was greeted by the big smile and warm hug of my camping buddy, Gwenyth Hall! What a fabulous surprise to reconnect. We immediately re-immersed ourselves in Kitchi life. Together with Carolyn Burke and the Holmes/Benson Clan we enjoyed the island. We hiked to Sandpiper, looked for our names in the craft shop and even jumped off the tower- several times!  Most importantly, I was reminded of the strong connection we all have with the island and the people with whom we shared our camping days. Both my boys are back at Kitchi again this summer- creating more of their own memories and ties to the island! Because we know what a positive impact camp experience can have a child’s life, I am part of a team helping to raise funds to send kids to Kitchi this summer. Last year, our combined fundraising efforts helped send 317 kids to summer camp.  What a difference you made!

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