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Brenda S.- Membership Administrator

Brenda S.- Membership Administrator

I meet Olivia when I first started working at the YMCA; she was a single Mom with children. She was introduced to the YMCA through a friend who thought it would be good for her, since Olivia was going through a bad separation. Olivia applied for Membership Assistance for her children and herself. Olivia started attending the Barrie YMCA and this seemed to help with her depression, it was a good outlet. Olivia felt positive, healthy and a part of the community. Her children were being active, social and also felt included… Olivia then decided she would volunteer as a fitness leader, this helped her gain more self esteem and her depression became less and less. She started exercising regularly and lost 100 pounds over time. Her confidence soared and she started taking fitness classes to become a trainer. She realized she to could make a difference in someone’s life, by helping them reach their goals and that’s what keeps her going. Today she is a trainer, and I realized that everyone can make a difference whether it is big or small. The Barrie YMCA is wonderful place to work, I love all the staff and members I have meet over the past 5 years and it’s stories like Olivia’s that keeps me enjoying my job.

You to can also make a difference in someone’s life, please consider making a donation to help someone in your community change their life.

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