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Tyrone D. -Supervisor, Cleaning & Maintenance

Tyrone D. -Supervisor, Cleaning & Maintenance

Our friend Jane has had serious issues with her weight all of her life and it has been a constant struggle. Having tried every diet proved redundant as results were either temporary or unhealthy. Times were also difficult for her as her Husband recently lost his job. With the opening of the YMCA in Gravenhurst , came opportunity, education and motivation to make a lifestyle change. The most challenging part for her was just to start. Intimidation was a huge factor. Jane quickly learned that the “Y” provided subsidy and a non-judgmental, welcoming environment. Once she started and made the choice to commit, everything fell into place. She loves the Aquafit classes. She is in the gym 3 times a week averaging 30 minutes of cardio during each visit. Within weeks of starting, the physical transformations began to appear. She felt better and even slept better. Jane has cultivated new habits; she has begun to insert new beliefs about who she is. Jane cleaned out her kitchen of  the junk food and looked for healthier versions of her favorite recipes In 2 months, she has lost 30 pounds and several inches.  I am so proud of her and I can’t stop smiling every-time she walks through the door.

I genuinely believe that thanks to the financial support and healthy environment that the YMCA provides, Jane and countless others have the opportunity to transform their lives. For some people even leaving the house is a challenge. Imagine getting up the courage to get to the door only to find out that you can’t afford it. That’s why I’m asking for a donation to the Strong Kids campaign, so that individuals and families are not deterred from taking the next step to a better life.

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