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Arlyn – Orillia YMCA

Arlyn – Orillia YMCA

I have been a member of the YMCA for almost three years now. I am usually found sweating it out upstairs in the weight area or on the rowing machine. Recently I have been trying my hand at swimming laps, and I must say, it is still a work in progress!

When our family first moved to Orillia I had just had my second son. I didn’t know anyone and my husband worked long hours at the family Home Hardware so the YMCA became my refuge. I could drop my son off at the childcare facility and have a few hours to myself to clear my head and chat to actual adult people! I often say that it saved my sanity and I’m probably not half wrong!

Currently I use the gym facilities but have also attended group classes. The child minding service is always my first stop and a place my youngest son loves. My oldest boy is also a member and takes swimming lessons regularly and at times has been seen running the track.  I wish I could say I was a fast as him but I cannot!

Health has always been important to me and for our family but as life happens, it was pushed to the back burner when life got busy. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my son and in turn spend time making myself healthier. It’s been an immensely important message to my children that fitness is so important and proudly I can say I lead by example.

The other amazing part of being at the YMCA so often is you get to know the people in your community and they get to know you. Orillia is a small town and a friendly town- in essence everyone here is your neighbour.

Home Hardware chose to support the YMCA primarily because of the unique social and community programs it offers. Our store is successful because of the people in this town, they support us and we fundamentally believe it’s vital we, in turn, support them.

It is no secret that Orillia Home Hardware is active in charitable projects because a strong community benefits everyone in turn, now and in the future.

There is always a need for community support and there will always be a need. It would be nice to think that a time will come when no one will ever need a helping hand but that just isn’t the case. Everyone at sometime in their life has needed help and thankfully places like the YMCA exist to ensure someone is there to offer it.

The YMCA programs and services can be a pivotal changing moment for someone’s life and I think that is pretty great!


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