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Teresa Z. – Barrie YMCA Staff

Teresa Z. – Barrie YMCA staff

I came to the Y almost 3 years ago during a difficult time in my life. I now know that I needed the YMCA and those who have come to mean more to me than just coworkers or members, more then I realized when I applied for the part time position. When my gym had to close because of the end of my marriage, I set to prove to my superiors that I had much to contribute to the fitness team. I began working more hours until a full time position became available and I became a permanent part of this YMCA family. I know, that I am meant to be at the Barrie YMCA. I feel strongly that it is part of my journey’s   path, that destiny has brought me here. Every day I meet people who need my help, who for different reasons need me. I get to know incredible people that are amazing because of who they are, some overcoming incredible obstacles. They all make me feel humble to have been lucky enough to have them cross my path so I could be touched by their spirit and learn from them as I make my way along my own life’s love to do because I can be motivating and inspiring. I never tire of watching members transform nor of seeing them overcome fitness obstacles. If all that is not rewarding enough, I am fortunate enough to be given career opportunities within the YMCA (such as giving back by speaking at workshops) that I would never have gotten had I stayed running my own facility. Finally, I am happy to say that I have met several personal goals since being employed at YMCA and have created many more as my Y Story continues.

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