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Janelle Anderson

Janelle Anderson

I remember the first time I went to the Y when I was about 5 years old. I was terrified! It was a new place to me, I did not know anyone and I was about to partake in a class by myself without my parents.

As I walked into the class, gripping my moms leg for dear life, this little girl named Sarah walked over to me and introduced herself. Before long, Sarah and I were giggling, attempting to braid each others hair and completely oblivious to whether my mom had left or not.

Everyday I couldn’t wait to go back to this class – it was a cooking class by the way – and hang out with my new friend. Although I don’t remember what types of food we made or how many kids were in this class, I will never forget my friend Sarah.

I still continue to go to the Y and join classes, but never again have I ever been nervous about not knowing anyone. Because I very quickly learned at the age of 5 that my Y is friendship, inclusion, laughing and having the opportunity to always be a kid – and that still has not changed.

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