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Claire B – Barrie YMCA

Claire B – Barrie YMCA

I don’t remember a time in my life that I was not involved with the YMCA in any way. From learning how to read and write, to doing yoga to relieve high school exam stress, the Y community has always been a positive one. Before I began regular public school, I was a part of the Stay and Play program and although I was only about 3 years old I can still recall the instructors teaching me how to spell my own name. This is even one of my first memories! Later, I had the chance to enjoy further independence and growth opportunities at Camp Kitchikewana for four summers. The outdoor activities were fun and educational, but the bacon was even better! I spent most of my childhood doing swimming lessons, which lead to me receiving my NLS (National Lifeguard Society) certificate a few years ago. The atmosphere and community togetherness that I feel at the Barrie YMCA has shaped my social attitude even to this day. My family has always been involved with the YMCA and I hope to continue to be a part of this extraordinary community of friends and family.

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