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Gen – Gravenhurst YMCA Member

Gen – Gravenhurst YMCA Member

My Y story begins when I arrived in Gravenhurst, Ontario one year ago. This facility was new to the town and I could not imagine Gravenhurst without it, it seemed so well established already, very well kept with really happy, encouraging, enthusiastic, friendly staff.

I love the combination of classes the Y has to offer. I am the kind of person that needs variety and I really enjoy Gravity, Pump, Spin, Yoga, Global Grooves, Family Gym and the Parent & Tot swim Lessons.

The instructors have been so encouraging, especially Nicole. She completed my Wellness training program with me for the Gym, and I really do appreciate everything she has done to help me on my journey. The whole package has given me all the tools I need necessary to get rid of my baby weight, given the minimal about of time I have between doing a full time job and being a new mum! All I can do is keep trying and that’s what the Y gives me the strength to do.

Thank You YMCA Gravenhurst, My Whole Family has benefited greatly from your presence in our lives, throughout the week, year in year out!!

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