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Suzana Petrov

Suzana Petrov

MY Y story starts with a dream, a dream to help other newcomers like me. My name is Suzana Petrov and I am a settlement counselor with YMCA Newcomer Services.  Five years ago I came from Romania not knowing what to expect from the new country and YMCA Newcomer Services opened the first door for me. I was impressed by the warmth and kindness of the staff and the diversity of all the clients. I immediately felt that I was finally home. I started by volunteering and being a member of YMCA Newcomer Services Advisory Committee and then starting a newcomer group in Midland, because I felt that I was ready to help other new immigrants who were facing the same difficulties.

That group changed my life completely and made me decide to go back to school and change my career in Canada.

When I got the call that I will be part of the YMCA team, I felt thrilled and so proud to have such an opportunity and to see my dream became a reality.

Today, I serve clients from different backgrounds with amazing skills, individuals who blossom under my eyes. I have cried with my clients and I have laughed with my clients, and that makes my every day at the Y so much meaningful.
My Y gave a purpose to my life.

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