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Pat S.

Pat S.

My story isn’t really special or unusual, but here goes: My husband and I had worked in a northern community 50 miles from the closet Y facility, so we had never belonged to one. When we retired we moved to Barrie and quickly settled into the fairly predictable routine of retirement life. One day, we decided to take a look at the local Y, and have never looked back. Joining that Y is one of the best decisions of our retired life. Now we are both strong enough to deal with not only maneuvering aging parents in and out of wheelchairs, but also the maneuvering of grandchildren back and forth to daycare and in and out of carseats. This summer we will attempt our first biking vacation together.We are both healthier and have greater overall fitness in our 6th decade than in any previous decade. We owe this to the tremendous teachers and leaders at the Y. I can’t say enough about the truly inspirational place the y has become for me in particular. Congratulations on doing your job so well, and for such a wide variety of ages and types of people. We’re sure glad we moved to Barrie and discovered the Y experience!

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