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What’s my Y story, well…..

I was a single mother of a wonderful 22 month old boy, and I was expecting my daughter any day; I started to really take a look at my life, and decided to make some serious life changing decisions.   What did I want for my children; I wanted a variety of opportunities, a wonderful education, a safe environment, and many things that were just not possible where we were.  So I made a big decision and moved my family to Orillia when my daughter was only 6 months old, and go back to school and get myself a career that will benefit me and my children.

Finding a daycare you can trust is not easy, let alone finding one that will take a 6 month old child that you trust, but I did.  I had put my complete faith in the YMCA at the Georgian College campus in Barrie.  I have to admit the first few days were incredibly difficult for me, but the girls in both Amelia and Brenden’s room were amazing.  Once I was finished school a year later I had to move the kids to another daycare, I inspected a few daycare facilities in Orillia and none of them I felt comfortable with until I visited the YMCA on Jarvis street.  Cathy Orr, made me feel like my children were safe and loved, and as much her children as my own.  So, needless to say that’s where I enrolled my children.

Being a parent is difficult, being a single mom with a full time job even harder.  I found the Y on Jarvis St. not only a fantastic place for my children but for me as well.  If I began to find things difficult the only thing I had to do was visit with Cathy and she would help me out with my problems, whether it be stress from work or attitudes that my children were developing, she was always there for me as much as my children, and for that I will be forever grateful!

The best thing I ever did was enrol my children at the YMCA, my babies are now 5 and 7 years old, and have been part of the Y their whole life.  The Y has played as big a role in their lives as I have, I think it’s important that we evaluate who we let into our children’s lives and make sure that they will create a positive influence on them.  I personally believe that my children are the well behaved and well mannered children they are because of the wonderful people at the YMCA who have supported me in raising them.  Let’s face it; they are with our children as much as we are!

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