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Sandy – Member, Collingwood Y

Sandy – Member, Collingwood Y

Pictured here with General Manager – Nilusha Premasinghe, is Collingwood YMCA member, Sandy.

Sandy has been involved with the Collingwood YMCA for 23 years! You can typically find her enjoying a Gravity class, relaxing in Yoga, or challenging herself in Group Power.

Sandy loves the family-oriented atmosphere at the Y, the wide variety of programs and classes, and most of all, the fact that everyone is included!

In her words, the YMCA facility is beautiful, the staff and volunteers are amazing to deal with, everyone is friendly, well trained and supportive.

Sandy is quite proud of her 16 year old son who learned to swim at the Collingwood YMCA, starting out in the Parent and Tot classes, and most recently earning his National Lifeguard Certification – all in our pool!

She is a true YMCA ambassador – thank you Sandy!

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