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Mitchel D – Innisfil YMCA Volunteer

Mitchel D – Innisfil YMCA Volunteer

My name is Mitchel Driscoll and I am 17 years old.  I enjoy being active, experiencing new things, and meeting new people.  A typical day for me is to wake up, go to the YMCA to volunteer, head to school, socialize and repeat.  I learned about it through my school from involving myself in co-op.  It has allowed me to come to the My Y and have an amazing experience from it.  My original goal was to come to the Y and get into fitness, but after some time I realized that it wasn’t for me.  Although while volunteering I get to choose what I enjoyed the most, which was Child and Youth.  The Y has definitely had an impact on my life.  I got to meet a whole bunch of great people, members and employees alike.  Overall it is great volunteering at the Y.  It has allowed people to have a place to go which they really have nowhere else they can go.  Letting people being able to live life a bit better.   I feel like it’s something to show you want to be involved, also with some companies being non-profitable it’s a needed thing.  “My Y” lets other people learn on your experiences.  It allows others to take in what you did and how you felt while you took part in the YMCA

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