Kate Przybylski

“My Y helps my child grow”

MyY is a partnership. I have been able to work very well with the staff and share information and strategies to help my children become more successful or as successful as they could be.

When we first enrolled our children into the YMCA child care program we thought they would be nothing but a number. But, i find the special attention and individual care they receive is amazing. They are welcomed with a smile every morning and are having a fantastic time.

My eldest son is a very busy little boy that has struggled in school. The Y staff have been able to approach him with a lot of care, strategies and solutions that have been very beneficial to his development. He feels like it’s alright if he has bad moments where he can’t control all of his emotions because the staff teach him how to overcome and manage those emotions.

The YMCA child care program makes my life easier. I am a special education teacher and I can feel confident leaving my son with the Y staff knowing they have the knowledge and experience to work with his individual needs.

MyY is very caring towards my child. My sons Y is a fun place where he can learn and grow.

My name is Kate Przybylski and this is MyY.