Joy Foster

“My Y is my home”

If there’s a place where you can take your child and you want them to feel comfortable and feel like they are leaving from a home to a home, you need to take them to the YMCA Child Care centre. The staff take the time to care about the individual they are bringing in, so your child feels safe.

My son Michael started when he was one year old and I was nervous about leaving him. But, the Y staff would handle the situation in such a unique way; They would come over, smile and have something in there hand to grab his attention. Then, they would build a relationship by introducing him to other children, which distracted him, making the parting easier.

Michael is now 11 years old and thanks to the positive relationship he developed with the staff he still walks by everyday to say hi to the teachers. MyY is part of my Home. MyY is my family.

My name is Joy Foster and this is MyY.