Jeremy Hobbs

“My Y gave me confidence”

Before I started at the YMCA I was 320 lbs and doctors were telling me I was borderline diabetic. I had high blood pressure, a bad heart and it was time to make a change. Going to the YMCA was my start to living a healthier life and with the help of the Y staff I was able to lose the weight on my own. It’s now been two years and the weight is still off.

Now i want to help other people battling similar problems as me. It’s my time to give back and my passion is working at the YMCA as a volunteer. My lifestyle change has helped so many people and it helps me with my personal goal of staying healthy.

MyY is my second home. Nothing from work or at home bothers me when I’m at the Y because its taken out on the treadmill. My Y is a family oriented place where everyone knows you by name and greets you when you enter the door.

My name is Jeremy Hobbs and this is My Y.